In today’s world, are incumbents accelerating digital transformations, or at risk of being left behind?

  • Objectives:

    Banks and other financial institutions have struggled to find a way to swiftly and efficiently create meaningful commercial engagement with fintechs, and fintechs have struggled with finding solutions that get them to scale and survival in a more rapid timeframe.
    Past initiatives to help solve this problem have included shared operating guidelines, modified procurement documents, processes and on-boarding, regulatory sandboxes, investing in the fintechs, taking part in accelerators, or just buying them outright.
    Budgets, regulatory compliance, security concerns and clashes of culture have been cited as some of the reasons for this uneasy alliance. Is this still a viable approach for incumbents to accelerate their digital transformation or is there a better solution?

  • Audience:

    Public, SH and Clients

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