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Research Paper: Digital Payments in the UAE

Author: Jayaprada Putrevu and Muna Al Suwaidi from Abu Dhabi University
and Salwa Al Breiki from the Abu Dhabi School of Management

The ADGM Academy Research Centre commissioned a team of university student researchers to explore the emergence and importance of digital payments in the UAE economy


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Article Series: Federated Machine Learning and its Application in the Finance Industry

The ADGM Academy Research Centre sat down with Professor Duan, Head of the Asian Institute of Digital Finance, at the National University of Singapore and Richard Hills, Associate Managing Director at K2 Integrity, based in Abu Dhabi, to explore potential applications of federated learning in the financial industry while taking a broader view on the evolution of technology and some of the barriers to adoption of innovative solutions.


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Research Paper: Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the SME Ecosystem in the UAE

Author: Dr. Nihel Chabrak, ADGM Academy and The Deep Credit
Analytics Team, Asian Institute of Digital Finance (AIDF), National University of Singapore

An analysis on how big data and AI can be leveraged to develop a more informative credit model to support the UAE SME ecosystem and drive improved decision making about lending to SMEs.


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Research Paper:  The Global COVID-19 FinTech Market Impact and Industry Resilience Study

Author: Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF),
University of Cambridge, Judge Business School with the World Bank
and the World Economic Forum

An assessment of the medium-to-longer-term impact of COVID-19 on the FinTech
industry and includes issues such as the customer base of these firms and their potential impact on financial inclusion.


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Research Paper:  FinTech Regulation in the Middle East and North Africa

Author: Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF),
University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

A review of how MENA jurisdictions have responded to the opportunities
and challenges associated with FinTech and digital financial services through
regulatory efforts, processes, and innovation.


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Article Series:  Banks are Already Considering Climate Change in Their Lending Decisions

As part of the ADGMA Research Centre Article Series we are publishing adapted articles from amongst our strategic collaborators. This article is republished with the kind permission of Imperial College Business School, IB Knowledge.  It follows our own research into how artificial intelligence can improve lending decisions to SMEs. With this article by Dr. Mandeep Singh, we share another view on factors impacting banks’ lending decisions.  New research shows larger banks are lending less to small farms affected by abnormally high temperatures, with potentially huge repercussions for a large portion of the world’s population.


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