School Of Law

School of Law

The School of Law is created with the goal to provide high quality Legal Education. By enhancing professional competencies, through skills and knowledge development. Along with dedicated programmes, industry recognized qualifications, awarding certifications, seminars, and workshops.

The school will cater to the ongoing and upcoming developments within the industry. The School of Law and its strategic partners will work together in identifying the gaps within the legal industry and bridging them together.

The targeted audience : The offerings are suited to professionals across organisational roles looking for skill or qualification - such as lawyer, notaries, contract manager, technical and commercial project manager, etc.


Navigating Business Disputes In A World Of ESG Uncertainty For Contracts And Project Managers In The Gulf Region

The Course will assist company leaders to learn and develop essential conflict anticipation and…

Solicitor Qualification Examination (SQE)
The SQE has replaced all the previous paths to qualification as a Solicitor (England & Wales), with some exceptions. This marks…