ADGMA Alumni

ADGM Academy Alumni Network community will give you the opportunity to continually be involved in our activities and programmes. We have more than 5000+ alumni graduated and currently pursuing their career. We are proud that ADGM Academy was part of their success story.

Activities and Benefits

Workshops, Webinars and Trainings

ADGM Academy always look for improving and enhancing the candidates experience and strive very hard to bring and spotlight topic, programs and courses that add as well as enrich the candidates’ experience.


ADGM Academy tracks and keeps close eye on hardworking candidates who perform well during their studies and make sure they get recognized for their dedication and commitment towards their studies.

Free access to our LMS, Coursera, and Other Platforms

ADGM Academy remains connected with candidates even after they finish exact courses by providing various academic benefits that enable the candidates to review and access to the huge LMS and Coursera the academy developed for candidates.

Discount Cards

ADGM Academy practices Collectivism culture whereby stuff and candidates consider as one family, in The form of appreciation and reward the Academy offers to the beloved alumni a unique and exclusive discounts list.

Alumni Highlights and Success Stories

Inquiries and Feedback

ADGM Academy aims to enhance and expand the candidate’s practice through unforgettable experience, and as a part of engagement with community the academy is welcoming suggestions, ideas and feedback to align for better services.