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About the Job Centre

The Job Centre aims to support UAE National talent acquisition by providing skilled and Job-Ready candidates. This important initiative is a robust and lean solution serving the workforce of Abu Dhabi, including key features and benefits for both employers and candidates.

The Job Centre will mitigate the gaps between labor market supply and demand, in both government and private sectors. The initiative will increase employability of UAE Nationals in different sectors, following the mandate of Abu Dhabi.

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The Job Centre will ensure participating organisations can:

  • Gain access to skilled and qualified UAE National candidates to fulfill your talent acquisition mandate through the one stop talent acquisition solution
  • Have the opportunity to recruit trained and certified workforce with employability skills
  • Use of dedicated relationship manager to interact with both parties with unique customer centric value proposition
  • Contribute to Abu Dhabi Emirate Initiative
  • Increase the organisation’s brand awareness in the market

Benefits and Features

High Skilled Joiners
Supporting UAE Nationals financially in the semi-government and private workforce, as well as strategic occupations.
Reducing Training Costs
Covered Training Costs to improve employability under on-the-job training programme, apprenticeships and certificates for upskilling programmes.
Reduced Operational Barriers
The Job Centre will facilitate fast track onboarding services and tailored operational support to employers and candidates.
Enhance ESG Performance
Contribute to company environmental, sustainability and governance agenda by encouraging the employment of UAE Nationals and improve company’s CSR index.
Improve In-Country-Value
Enhance the company's In Country Value (ICV) index by increasing Emiratisation rates to unlock benefits from ICV partners.

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For more information, please view the Job Centre leaflet.

More Information

Are you interested to participate in the Job Center as a UAE National participant? You can register directly on the TAMM portal.