Telephone Dynamics

  • Description:

    This programme has been delivered to bankers and corporate clients all over the world helping bankers use the telephone more effectively to build relationships and win business. It uses telephone role-plays and helps by improving performance in terms of:

    • Understanding the pros & cons of the telephone.
    • Avoiding the most common misuses.
    • Recognising the impact of tone and words and why body language is still critical.
    • Using your voice to good effect.
    • Demonstrating competence, confidence and credibility to take control.
    • Using concern – responding to feelings as well as to needs and demands.
    • Listening, probing and determining the right action – how to connect.
    • Adapting responses and messages to the goals and needs of different clients.
    • Handling objections, dealing with high blocks and closing successfully.
    • Looking after yourself to stay positive.
  • Audience:

    Bankers in any field who use the telephone!

  • Prior Knowledge:

    None assumed.


Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and ADGMAcademy come together as strategic partners to contribute towards development of future bankers. This partnership sets stage towards developing critical skill sets for present and future jobs.
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