• Description:

    This programme has been delivered to banks and corporate clients all over the world helping team leaders and managers communicate more effectively and build positive relationships within their team. It helps by improving performance in terms of: Defining your context & authenticity Assessing your leadership strengths and limitations Setting a vision & objectives – the power of Values & the Levels of Effectiveness 8 Leadership styles – learning to adapt to the context Inspiring & motivating the team Assessing your team, charting attributes, roles & contributions Meetings, coaching & giving feedback Full, accurate report & feedback on your communication capabilities.

  • Audience:

    Bankers in any field who hold or are about hold a leadership or managerial role.

  • Prior Knowledge:

    None assumed.


Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and ADGMAcademy come together as strategic partners to contribute towards development of future bankers. This partnership sets stage towards developing critical skill sets for present and future jobs.
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