Client Dynamics Influencing Skills

  • Description:

    This programme has been delivered to banks and corporate clients all over the world helping leaders, team members, support staff and client-facing personnel to communicate more effectively and build positive relationships. It helps by improving performance in terms of:

    • Understand your own behavioural style and the preferred style of others.
    • Know why we build relationship more easily with some people and not others.
    • Learn how to build rapport and adapt your approach with colleagues/clients.
    • Plan and use your time more effectively.
    • Receive personal feedback on your strengths, limitations and strategies for improvement.
  • Audience:

    Bankers in any field.

  • Prior Knowledge:

    None assumed.


Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and ADGMAcademy come together as strategic partners to contribute towards development of future bankers. This partnership sets stage towards developing critical skill sets for present and future jobs.
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