Article Series: Quantum Computing – Preparing for the Most Complex Upgrade Ever: It’s About Time!

Abu Dhabi Global Market Academy (ADGMA) Research Centre (in partnership with ADIA Lab, Imperial College London and Nanyang Technological University) hosted a three-day conference, Quantum Computing for Finance, gathering nearly 300 leading experts from the financial sector, quantum technology firms and academia from around the world.

While there are many expected positives from quantum computing, there are also several challenges. One of the conference speakers, Dimitri van Esch, Chair & Founder of Quantum Gateway Foundation and former Quantum Lead at ABN Amro, believes that a move to quantum computing will be the most complex upgrade ever undertaken. And time is of the essence. The ADGMA Research Centre sat down to discuss this with Dimitri.
The intersection of quantum computing and finance holds promise for solving complex problems, optimising processes, and advancing computational capabilities. The outcomes of such collaborative efforts have the potential to reshape the landscape of financial technologies, bringing about innovative solutions and advancements in the field.

Banks need to start preparing for this future now by investing in research and development, building internal expertise, and exploring potential use cases for quantum computing in banking and finance. Not only will they be quantum ready, but also seen as industry leaders and innovators.


ADGM Academy Research Centre