Executive Programme in ESG

Sustainable finance plays a key role in the achievement of ADGM’S and ADGM Academy’s social, economic and environmental objectives and is gradually changing entire economic sectors worldwide. Sustainable finance will preserve our economies and environment fir future generations.

ADGM Academy, with its partner, The London Institute of Banking & Finance, has been appointed to deliver the third pillar of ADGM’s Sustainable Finance agenda: Fostering Communication, Knowledge and Awareness.

This will involve deploying a range of communication strategies to spread sustainability as a day-to-day method of living, working and doing business. Learn about ADGM’s pillar of sustainable finance here.

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In association with our partner, ADGM Academy will deliver the Executive Programme in ESG that will provide delegates with UK-accredited, internationally recognised.

Programme Modules

The Executive Programme in ESG offers specialised modules which expose you to state of the art theories and empirical applications in not only Sustainable Finance but banking and finance more broadly.

Offered through ADGM Academy’s School of Sustainable Finance and developed by its partner, The London Institute of Banking & Finance, the programme will align study of the core principles of banking and finance with sustainable concerns.

Sustainability within Banking and Finance requires a critical rethinking of almost every aspect of leadership, operations and management. This new programme and qualification will address the sustainable imperative by examining banking and finance from the ‘ground up’, reviewing industry assumptions around markets, forecasting, risk, credit, investment and more.

The programme will be ‘hands-on’, replete with meaningful case studies and examples, helping delegates to gain an understanding of the environmental, social and governance(ESG)  considerations around sustainable finance. Delegates will explore current thinking on taxonomy and regulation and learn to develop practical strategies that can be implemented within their organisation.

The Executive Programme in ESG consists of three modules. The assessments for each module include a mix of e-portfolio, blogs, coursework and case studies.

The Executive Programme in ESG allows for face-to-face sessions at ADGM Academy in Abu Dhabi, blended with online study modules.

The London Institute of Banking & Finance is responsible for delivering and awarding the programme, which is a 60 credit, Level 7 FHEQ*, Postgraduate Certificate Banking & Sustainable Finance.