The Executive Certificate in FinTech

The Executive Certificate In FinTech

Financial technology is changing the banking landscape at an unprecedented rate. Throughout the global financial services industry, alternative business models are emerging, customer expectations are shifting and – from the front to the back office – the infrastructure that underpins the sector is being disrupted.

The Executive Certificate in FinTech awarded by The London Institute of Banking & Finance, comprises of a series of focused modules which expose participants to the latest FinTech theories and applications. Real-life case studies and examples will bring the learning to life.

The executive certificate will enable participants to develop a broad and comprehensive knowledge and understanding of a number of core areas of FinTech, in particular the verticals of:

  • Digital banking
  • Alternative finance
  • Payments and remittances
  • Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT)
  • Digital currencies, and the technology and regulation that underpin them

The programme will provide participants with opportunities to investigate and analyse a range of issues relating to the financial services industry and its environment, both local and global, from a FinTech perspective, to engage in practitioner debate, and to critique theory in the light of practice (and vice versa).

It will develop participants’ ability to work at the frontiers of knowledge and understanding of FinTech and to apply this knowledge and understanding systematically and creatively to new, complex, and unpredictable circumstances in order to improve the practice of banking and finance.

Offered through ADGM Academy’s School of Digital & FinTech and developed by its partner, The London Institute of Banking & Finance, the programme will align study of the core principle of banking and finance with FinTech.


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