Sustainable Development – ESG Markets

Programme Brief

In the dynamic landscape of finance, understanding and adapting to ESG megatrends is paramount. This course aims to equip senior executives with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complex ESG landscape successfully, leverage new investment opportunities, and implement sustainable practices in their organizations.

Through an immersive learning experience incorporating real-world case studies and interactive sessions, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of ESG markets, products, and global investment opportunities.


1. Gain a deep understanding of the ESG landscape and its impact on the financial market.

2. Learn about the various ESG products including green bonds, social bonds, climate bonds, and sustainability-linked loans.

3. Develop the skills to create and implement a robust ESG strategy in your organization.

4. Understand the role of leadership in steering sustainable practices.

5. Explore the innovative applications of AI technology in the ESG space.


The course is designed to foster interactive and immersive learning through a blend of lectures, case studies, group activities, and workshops. Participants will engage in critical thinking exercises and simulation workshops, providing hands-on experience in ESG decision-making. The sessions are structured to facilitate collaborative learning and open discussions, encouraging participants to share their perspectives and learn from each other.

Programme Specification


3 Days

Course Price

  • In-person: AED 3,096 per person
  • Virtual (online): AED 1,600 per person

Maximum in Person Capacity


Course Date

  • Start Date --- 29th January 2023

Course Description

The course focuses on sustainable finance products and markets, ESG Megatrends, size and scope of sustainability market, key market drivers and challenges, ESG related investment products and Global Investment opportunities.

Location of training

ADGM Academy


  • Day 1: Setting the Foundation and Exploring ESG Megatrends
    • Module 1: Introduction and Foundation of Sustainable Finance.
    • Module 2: Deep Dive into ESG Fundamentals and Megatrends.
    • Module 3: Navigating the ESG Landscape: Market Drivers and Regulatory Factors.
  • Day 2: ESG Investment Landscape: Products, Metrics, and Global Perspectives
    • Module 4: ESG Market Landscape and Metrics.
    • Module 5: ESG Investment Products.
    • Module 6: Regional Focus: Global ESG Investment Opportunities.
  • Day 3: Real-World Applications, Leadership Integration, and Technology Insights
    • Module 7: Leadership and ESG.
    • Module 8: Leveraging Technology in ESG.
    • Module 9: Crafting and Implementing an ESG Strategy.
    • Module 10: Bringing Learning to Life: Simulation Workshop.
    • Module 11: Wrap-Up and Action Plans.

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