Navigating the future of sustainability: Executive Programme in ESG

Navigating the future of sustainability: Executive Programme in ESG

Thursday 14 December 2023 | 3PM GST

Join us for an enlightening information session on the ADGM Academy Executive Programme in ESG awarded by The London Institute of Banking and Finance. As the global landscape continues to evolve, businesses are facing increased scrutiny and demand for responsible and sustainable practices. The Executive Programme in ESG is designed to empower executives and leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of ESG in the financial sector.

Whether you are a seasoned executive looking to enhance your leadership skills or a professional aiming to specialise in ESG, this postgraduate programme equips you with the knowledge and tools needed to drive positive change in your organisation and contribute to a sustainable and responsible financial future.

Join us to explore how the Executive Programme in ESG can elevate your career and make a meaningful impact in the evolving landscape of finance.

Through the information session, you will learn key features of the programme, including:

  • Impactful theories and applications – explore cutting-edge theories and empirical applications in sustainable finance, as well as broader banking and finance topics.
  • Sustainable imperative – address the imperative for sustainability in banking and finance by critically rethinking leadership, operations, and management.
  • Comprehensive industry review – examine industry assumptions around markets, forecasting, risk, credit, investment, and more from the ground up.
  • Hands-on learning – engage in a hands-on learning experience with meaningful case studies and examples, gaining a profound understanding of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations.
  • Taxonomy and regulation – explore current thinking on taxonomy and regulation, equipping yourself with the latest insights in the field.
  • Practical strategies – learn to develop and implement practical strategies within your organisation, aligning with sustainable finance principles.

Join us to empower yourself and your organisation, shaping a sustainable future.