Advanced Financial Statement Analysis


Advanced Financial Statement Analysis

  • LEVEL:Advanced
  • PRICE:7500.00 AED

    The course is a comprehensive and highly interactive review of to how to read and interpret the accounts of public companies. It is designed to bring participants from limited existing knowledge to the point where they can perform competent analysis and intelligently interpret the results at an advanced level.

    • After this course, participants will be able to:
    • Recognise the linkages between the principal statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, OCI and SoCIE).
    • Assess the income statement to understand growth rates and margins.
    • Evaluate the Income Statement to clean it of one-off items and calculate EBITDA and EBIT.
    • Compile and interpret returns, including RoCE, RoIC, RoA and RoE.
    • Interpret the Balance Sheet and evaluate why balance sheet components vary between different sectors.
    • Categorise the components of operating working capital and calculate and interpret working capital efficiency measures.
    • Analyse non-current assets and liabilities using appropriate ratios.
    • Interpret the cash flow statement and evaluate key issues relating to operating, investing and financing cash flows.
    • Distinguish some of the main risk areas for creative accounting and propose some techniques for detecting such activity.

    Suitable for any professional staff looking to develop a robust understanding of how to read and interpret non-financial sector companies’ Reports and Accounts. This course would be particularly suitable for: Credit Analysts, Corporate Relationship Managers, Research Analysts, Corporate Finance and M&A Bankers, Equity and Debt Capital Markets Bankers, any professionals in areas of Risk Managementwho need to understand corporate financial performance and forecasting, finance professionals working in business or industry.


    Basic familiarity with the purpose of each of the main financial statements (Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement) is assumed.

Please contact the Academy if you are interested in attending this course.