Financial Distress & Restructuring


Financial Distress & Restructuring

  • LEVEL:Intermediate
  • PRICE:5000.00 AED

    This two-day highly interactive course shows how to identify signs of credit quality deterioration and determine the most appropriate course of action to restructure the business. The course also considers appropriate levels of indebtedness and capital structure choices.

    After this course, participants will be able to:

    • Identify companies most exposed to credit deterioration and factors that affect the likelihood of default or the need for a distressed exchange.
    • Analyse a company’s funding structure relative to its industry and its operating performance to assess whether it will mitigate deterioration and forecast potential recovery rates.
    • Understand what safeguards enable early intervention in deteriorating credits.
    • Be aware of the correlation between early intervention and ultimate recovery.
    • Know how to use covenants in credit management including covenant structures and the implications of breaches, waivers and amendments.
    • Understand the operational decisions required when a firm is in distress that are most likely to return the firm to a healthy position.
    • Assess options available to lenders/investors, measuring likely recovery against any other alternatives and /or the prevailing market price of the firm’s debt.
    • Evaluate the restructuring alternatives and determine the most appropriate restructuring solution, exit and/or workout.

    Bankers interested in learning more about spotting financial distress and restructuring. This is an intermediate level course so is not intended for bankers working in specialist workout and recovery teams.


    None assumed.

Please contact the Academy if you are interested in attending this course.