Regulation Today - Basel IV, IFRS 9 and TLAC


Regulation Today – Basel IV, IFRS 9 and TLAC

  • LEVEL:Intermediate
  • PRICE:5000.00 AED

    In the wake of the global financial crisis and in response to the lessons learnt during it, Basel III was introduced requiring banks to hold far higher quality of balance sheet resources than ever. Even before Basel III was fully adopted it was followed by further regulation covering areas such as gone concern capital, capital charges traded and non-traded risk which initially informally but more recently formally in certain regions (e.g. CRD IV/CRR II in Europe); was seen as a blue print for Basel IV. This intensive program looks to provide an overview of these subsequent updates to Basel III and in so doing better prepare delegates for adopting Basel IV when it becomes formalised.

    After this course, participants will be able to:

    • Describe the key regulatory updates post Basel III and rationale for them.
    • Articulate what qualifies as Going Concern and what qualifies as Gone Concern Capital and proposed regulation in particular of the latter.
    • Explain what the shortcomings of Basel II.5 were and III treatment of market risk and by extension the motivation for a Fundamental Review of the Trading Book.
    • Interpret the proposed standards for treatment of Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book and describe what types of cash flows are impacted, how they should be treated and evaluated.

    Any banker interested in the current state of play in respect of regulation and financial reporting.


    None assumed.

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