Trade Finance


Trade Finance

  • LEVEL:Foundation
  • PRICE:5000.00 AED

    This programme is for participants who have limited knowledge of the international trade finance business. It provides a robust introduction to the fundamental elements of trade finance services offered by a bank. Day one will focus on the nature of trade, risks associated with exporting and importing, the documents of international trade, the terms of delivery and payment methods. Day two will focus on trade finance solutions including documentary collections, letters of credit, bonds and guarantees and basic financing products associated with documentary collections.

    After this course, participants will:

    • Be able to describe the role of international trade and the structure of the trade finance market.
    • Know the risks associated with international trade.
    • Gain insight into how banks offer solutions to mitigate the risks of international trade.
    • Understand the banking products available to assist corporate clients such as documentary collections and letters of credit.
    • Understand the benefits of these products for both importers and exporters.
    • Know how to explain the role of a bonds and guarantees in the trade process.
    • Know the role and use of bills of exchange and promissory notes.
    • Gain confidence in conducting both client and internal meetings in an informed and professional manner.

    Newly recruited staff within, client facing, middle office or back office functions. Those within legal, compliance, financial control functions or HR functions.


    None assumed.

Please contact the Academy if you are interested in attending this course.