FinTech Masterclass (FinTech Certificate Programme)


FinTech Masterclass (FinTech Certificate Programme)

  • LEVEL:Foundation
  • START DATE:12 May 2019

  • END DATE:16 May 2019

  • PRICE:Please contact the Academy team

    This five-day programme is aimed at demystifying the term FinTech and how it fits into the financial services sector and the world at large. Participants will learn what comprises FinTech, the FinTech ecosystem, subsectors and key players. Participants will also gain a comprehensive understanding of some of the key technologies and applications that are driving the digital banking and finance revolution, and how participants can adopt innovative FinTech strategies in their own organisations.

    Upon completion of this programme, participants will:

    • Understand what FinTech is and the subsectors that comprise it.
    • Learn about how the FinTech ecosystem works, who the players are and the current trends that exist in the industry.
    • Have a clear understanding of key technologies and frameworks behind FinTech.
    • Be able to adopt an innovative FinTech strategy within their own organisation to lead a digital transformation project.
    • Gain a thorough understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology applications in Banking and Finance.

    Banking, Insurance and Finance Strategy Managers, Innovation Managers, Product Design and Development Managers, Technology Manager, Heads of Marketing/Customer Experience & their teams, FinTech Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Consultants, Investors.


    Work experience in financial services of at least 2-3 years is recommended.

This course needs to be booked directly with the Academy. Please contact us for further information.