The Sustainable Finance Development ESG Markets Workshop

  • Description:

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    (Virtual Delivery)

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  • Objectives:

    With the growing interest in green, social and sustainable investments, as well as the numerous industry sectors and projects that can be tapped for potential investment opportunities, there is a growing demand for workshops with an ESG market focus.

    This workshop examines ESG megatrends, the size and scope of the sustainability market, key market drivers and challenges, ESG-related investment products and global investment opportunities.

    Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
    o Explain the range of financial products that exist in support of sustainable development
    o Describe the prospects for future market growth (e.g. Carbon markets, sustainability-linked lending)

  • Audience:

    Working professionals and executives in financial institutions, insurance, policy, pension funds, with a focus on sustainability and ESG compliant developments.
    Participants will gain CPD credits for successful completion of the workshop.

  • Prior Knowledge:



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