ICT and SDGs Technological Sustainability Workshop

  • Description:

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    (Virtual Delivery)

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  • Objectives:

    This workshop aims to present the role of information technology sector (ICT) in sustainable development and the methods in which “big data” is employed to improve the lives of millions. Critical challenges that technology may face, for instance, privacy, data management, risks to cybersecurity, e-waste, and the widening of social divides are also addressed to provide a well-rounded approach.

    Ultimately, this workshop examines the process in which stakeholders tackle issues that may arise in a hyper-digitised world.

    The training is developed by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and is delivered in partnership with ADGM Academy.

    Upon successful completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
    o Explain the impact of new technology on sustainable development opportunities
    o Explain how big data can be used and deployed by banks and investors

  • Audience:

    Working professionals and executives in financial institutions, insurance, policy, pension funds, with a focus on sustainability and ESG compliant developments.
    Participants will gain CPD credits for successful completion of the workshop.

  • Prior Knowledge: