FINTECH Circle is a global community of 100,000+ FinTech entrepreneurs, angel and VC investors, financial services professionals and FinTech thought-leaders, focusing on FinTech seed investing, education and enterprise innovation. It provides FinTech education designed to empower finance professionals with the necessary digital skills to adapt to a rapidly changing industry. FINTECH Circle’s board members range from traditional bankers and FinTech experts, through to academics from leading universities and course encompass a wide range of highly relevant material.

Every quarter new, small classes are released to ensure that members will have access to the latest FinTech insights and the industry experts working on cutting-edge Fintech innovation from across the globe. Courses include WealthTECH/Robo-banking, InsurTECH, RegTECH, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Innovation and Startup methodologies.

The company’s CEO, Susanne Chishti, co-edited The FINTECH Book published by WILEY in 2016 which became the first globally crowd-sourced book on financial technology and a global bestseller across 107 countries in five languages. Susanne is also the author of two new books: The WealthTECH Book focused on the disruptive changes in the global investment/wealth management and private banking sector, and The InsurTECH Book focused on digital disruption and transformation across insurance, both published by Wiley.

FinTech Circle Institute Lecturers

Dr. Chris Coleridge

Enterprise Innovation,
Ecosystem Strategy and
successful FinTech Founder.

Prof. Dr. Markos Zachariadis

Blockchain Fundamentals.

Patrick Butler

RegTECH Masterclass.

Shan Millie

InsurTECH Masterclass.