ADGM Academy Research Centre Maps New Technological Path with Groundbreaking ‘Quant for Quants’ Conference

ADGM Academy Research Centre Maps New Technological Path with Groundbreaking ‘Quant for Quants’ Conference
  • Quantum computing experts from around the world gathered in Abu Dhabi to share their insights on key topics such as machine learning, algorithms, optimisation, forecasting, communications and many more.
  • The sessions at the event clarified the current state of quantum computing, outlining short, medium, and long-term prospects of this new tool within the financial sector.

Abu Dhabi Global Market Academy (ADGMA) Research Centre successfully hosted its groundbreaking three-day conference last month, ‘Quant for Quants’ (Q4Q), that aims at tackling questions on the impact of quantum computing in finance by gathering leading experts from finance, quantum technology firms and academia. Through this event, strategic partners ADIA Lab, Imperial College London and Nanyang Technological University collaborated with ADGMA Research Centre to establish a new technological path for the future of quantum computing in finance, from theory to practice.

By outlining the short, medium, and long-term prospects of this new tool for the finance industry, the conference focussed on clarifying the current state of quantum computing through gripping topics that discussed machine learning, algorithms, portfolio optimisation, forecasting, and communications among others. The conference gathered nearly 300 global and local leading experts from finance, academia and quantum technology firms including the Technology Innovation Institute, Zayed University, UC Santa Barbara, National University of Singapore, NASA Ames, IBM, IonQ and JPMorgan Chase & Co. who tackled the central question – the impact of quantum computing in finance during the conference.

The intersection of quantum computing and finance holds promise for solving complex problems, optimizing processes, and advancing computational capabilities. The outcomes of such collaborative efforts have the potential to reshape the landscape of financial technologies, bringing about innovative solutions and advancements in the field.

Mansoor Jaffar, CEO of ADGM Academy & Research Centre said, “ADGM Academy’s Research Centre is proud to be a pioneer in organising Q4Q, a highly technologically forward platform, that brought together experts across borders to answer the impact of quantum computing within the financial sector. Finance, and in particular quantitative finance, relies on computational power at all levels, ensuring customer privacy, computing risk measures for compliance purposes, portfolio optimisation, derivatives pricing and hedging. It is therefore natural that the impact of quantum computing in finance has become a core focus for many businesses when looking at its future implications.”

Dr. Horst Simon, Director, ADIA Lab said, “The recent conference on Quantum Computing in Finance marks a significant milestone in ADIA Lab’s mission to bridge Abu Dhabi and the UAE with the global computational and data science community. Emphasizing the burgeoning realm of quantum computing, this event has been a resounding success.

Quantum computing stands at the forefront of the next revolution in computational technology, offering unparalleled advancements in processing power and efficiency. The enthusiasm and expertise brought together at this conference underscore the immense potential of quantum computing, not just as a theoretical concept, but as a practical tool poised to redefine our computational capabilities.

This gathering has been a vibrant platform for exchange, bringing together minds from diverse sectors and regions. It is a testament to the universal appeal and critical importance of quantum computing. We at ADIA Lab are thrilled with the turnout and the rich discussions that took place, reflecting our commitment to fostering international collaboration and innovation in this dynamic field.”

Antoine (Jack) Jacquier, Professor of Mathematics and co-Director of the MSc in Mathematics and Finance at Imperial College London, added that “Quantum Computing brings a new paradigm that promises to create new interdisciplinarity between scientific fields. This conference provided a common umbrella for the financial industry, technological companies and academic research to collaborate in order to set new directions for the future. From the academic side, we are delighted to embrace Quantum Computing as an exciting research area which Mathematics and Mathematical Finance can provide new tools for and can get inspired from.”

Ariel Neufeld, Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University, said, “This interdisciplinary conference brought together experts from diverse fields such as quantum physics, computer science, finance, and mathematics both from academia and industry. The collaboration between academia and industry in the quantum technology and finance sectors is crucial for exploring the potential benefits of quantum computers in the financial industry. The participation of a large number of experts from around the world at this conference showcases the global interest and recognition of the importance of quantum technologies in the financial sector. The success of this conference reflects a growing awareness of the transformative potential of quantum computing in finance and highlights the importance of continued collaboration between experts from different domains to unlock new possibilities and solutions.”

ADGM Academy’s Research Centre is working towards its mission of providing fit-for-purpose academic-backed knowledge and solutions to address current and future challenges in the financial sector. The Q4Q conference is a step in this direction that underlines ADGM Academy Research Centre’s commitment to building and strengthening the knowledge-based economy of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

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