Our vision is to become one of the leading academies in the world, profoundly advancing professional capabilities in the financial sector. We are committed to delivering unique educational and experiential programmes that are underpinned by high standards of ethics and practice within the financial sector.

Innovative, collaborative, and with high standards of professional ethics, we are dedicated to serving our customers and continually improving our offering across the MENA region.

To ensure that we continue to meet these objectives, we work to a robust quality framework of governance, strategies and policies. This framework enables us to operate in an open, consistent and equitable way whilst meeting the needs of local, regional and international financial sectors.

Our governance ensures and promotes confident, strategic leadership with robust accountability, oversight and assurance of our educational and financial performance. In all cases our governance activity adheres to our Principles of Good Governance and Conduct.


Register to join us live, Tuesday April 21 at 5 pm for a detailed decision on agility and the ability to adapt and react to a changing market and changing situations, Since agile working is becoming more of a crucial working practice for every business